Deposit Money Directly

Direct Deposit

No more waiting in bank lines with Direct Deposit!

GNC Community FCU offers its members convenient payroll deduction and direct deposit services.

These are safe and convenient methods of having your money deposited to your account, without your having to make it to your financial institution before closing hours.

In order to have payroll deduction or direct deposit you will need the credit union's routing and transit number along with your account number. Call our office today and we will provide you with the routing information necessary to apply for these services. The member must complete a payroll deduction card for a fixed amount deduction, which can be obtained through your employer or the credit union. Employees who elect net direct deposit must contact company payroll.

Direct deposit is available for social security, government, pension and other payroll checks. Simply contact the agency or company that issues your check, provide them with the credit union routing and transit number along with your account number and indicate whether you wish to have your funds deposited to savings or checking. If you are employed or receive a check from an agency or employer not mentioned above, inquire with them and see if they are able to provide payroll deduction or direct deposit.

Don't worry about rushing to the credit union if you have to work late on pay day any longer. Give yourself a break and sign up TODAY for payroll deduction and direct deposit services.

As always, if you have any questions about payroll deduction or direct deposit, contact our office at
(724) 652-5783 and we will be happy to assist you.

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