Woman using credit card

VISA Credit Card

A Credit Union VISA card can eliminate
higher-interest credit card debts!

You can’t afford to carry any other card!

Access Your Accounts Online Anytime, Anywhere

GNC Community FCU is different from most credit cards because we offer LOWER RATES

It is accepted worldwide at restaurants, hotels, airlines and by more merchants and locations than we can mention!

GNC Community FCU VISA cards also come with Flex balance transfers, the smart and easy way to make balance transfers. Say goodbye to transfer checks and paperwork! Wth Flex, you can pay off your high-rate credit and department store cards with our 6.90% APR GNC credit card, consolidating and refinancing your balance in one step. Turn to Flex today!

Key Benefits:

Verified by VISA
  • 6.90% APR
  • No annual fees
  • Up to $7,500 limit for those that qualify
  • Optional Life Plus Debt Protection available
  • Convenient application ONLINE HERE!
  • Flex balance transfer with no balance transfer fees

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